Spring Cleaning and De-Cluttering!

Happy Spring everyone!

As the weather gets warmer, we all defrost ourselves and come out of hibernation. We greet our neighbors again, walk our dogs, and wash the salt off our cars. Spring also means spring cleaning, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. Here we have compiled some tips to help you get your cleaning done quickly and efficiently without wasting too much daylight.

       1. Manage your time:

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day and deep cleaning your home can’t be done all at once either. Making smaller goals and accomplishing them steadily over time leads to big results.

Check out this link to get your spring cleaning done in just 20 minutes for 20 days!

      2. Prioritize:

Think about your home/apartment. Where do you find yourself putting all your clutter as you walk in the door? Is it the surface that tends to clutter up the most? When you start to feel stressed about the state of clutter in your home, decide which space is most used and therefore most important to you. If your dining room table is covered in papers, it can’t be used for eating. If your bed is covered in clothes, it can’t be used for sleeping. Start with these places first, clean one at a time, and take some time to appreciate it afterward.

Cleaning this one spot might just be the one key to a happy home.

      3. Get Started NOW:

Often we fear the idea of the process more than the process itself. This applies to cleaning and many other aspects of life (New Year’s Resolutions, anyone?). If you just take the first step to get started and do NOT procrastinate about it, you will feel so much better about yourself and your home.

Click on this link to get inspired!


Now go get organized!

Stuck Inside? Check out these 6 fun events going on in St. Louis!

Let’s face it: The cold weather has made us all a little cranky here lately. Don’t worry, we have a comprehensive list of amazing events right here to cheer you up. Whether you’re looking for art, sports, exercise, history, theatre, or even themed activities for date night, we’ve got you covered.

  1. ART: St. Louis Art Museum’s Textiles: Politics and Patriotism. Here you will find 11 textile designs that “reflect the sentiments of their time” or support “the values of the nations in which they were used”.
  2. SPORTS: Feb 4 @ 7PM St. Louis University Billikins Basketball Game. Paint your chest, wave your towel, and come support your local college team!
  3. EXERCISE: Feb 5 @ 9AM St. Louis Running Tour 4.5 Mile Route. Keep your New Year’s resolutions going with this 4.5 mile scheduled run every first Sunday of the month. You will learn about the history of Forest Park as well as experience accountability for your runs and meet new friends!
  4. HISTORY: Route 66: Main Street through St. Louis Exhibit. Come view artifacts from the “Mother Road” in this collection of roadside signs and gas pumps as well as learning stories about the custard stands and tourist traps that once were.
  5. THEATRE: Feb 7 @ 7:30PM Something RottenNew York Post called this play, “Broadway’s big, fat hit!”. Something Rotten is a comedy set in 1595 that tells the story of two playwrights desperate to create a hit play and end up creating the world’s first musical. This play is a MUST SEE!
  6. DATE NIGHT: Feb 3 @ 6PM First Fridays at the Saint Louis Science Center: I am Sherlocked. All you Sherlock fans better gear up and get ready for the mystery night of your dreams! This night is part of a series of themed activities each first Friday of the month at the SLSC. Patrons can watch Sherlock movies in the Omnimax theatre, learn the ins and outs of Sherlock’s sleuthing from real St. Louis science professors, and hold their breath during an escape artist’s desperate attempt to avoid burning alive!

If these fantastic activities don’t interest you, there are plenty more! You can find a comprehensive list here.

AND don’t forget to pay your February rent due on the 1st, payable up until the 5th with no late fees! Have a wonderful week!



Allie Dawson

Leasing Consultant

Apartment Exchange

Ice Storm Safety

Hello fellow apartment-dwellers!

Welcome to our second blog post! We are so excited about how the Appfolio software transition is going and just want to take a second to thank our tenants for their patience during this time. We hope you are enjoying the new system as much as we are. Apartment Exchange staff are always ready to help if you are having difficulty accessing your portals. Remember that these portals are not just for paying rent, they can also be used to submit and track maintenance requests as well as check current account balance.

Ice storm this weekend:

Here you can find 5 Things To Know About Ice Storms.


We are expecting somewhat extreme weather conditions this weekend. This means that we, at Apartment Exchange, will likely have more than a couple of heat calls. We are happy to help our tenants combat these issues so please, if you have a problem with your heat do NOT hesitate to call us! You will never be charged for routine maintenance calls and we promise to get to you as soon as humanly possible.


Through the weekend and also for the rest of winter, follow these tips to prevent loss of heat and keep your family healthy:

  • Change your furnace filter/have your furnace filter changed every 3 months.

    • Healthy air means healthy lungs. The better you keep your air filtered, the better you will feel. This is especially important for children and pets but us grown-ups need clean air as well. This is a relatively simple task but you need to know the size of your filter BEFORE you go to the store to buy one. Our maintenance staff would be happy to show you how to find and replace your furnace filter. They are just one call away!
  • Keep your carpet vacuumed each week.

    • Dust, dirt, (and who knows what else) settles into your carpeting throughout the year. When we are inside for longer periods of time because of the cold outside, the dust can really affect your sinus cavity and cause discomfort. Vacuuming often will help combat the buildup of gross particles that make you sneeze.
  • Be careful about what you plug in.

    • Space heaters are commonly used in smaller apartments and houses that don’t need much heat output to get warm BUT these can be dangerous if left on for long periods of time. They can also blow a fuse and/or trip the breaker. They pull a lot of energy from the wall outlet, so please take precautions not to plug another electricity gobbler into the same wall – especially not the same outlet.

These are just a few of the many ways you can keep healthy this winter, but of course the list is not comprehensive. Please use your best judgement and don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help in any way.


Allie Dawson

Leasing Consultant

Apartment Exchange


Check out your updated weather report here.

Improvements and Moving Forward

Welcome to our new site and blog!

This site is part of an ongoing effort to provide the best possible experience for our owners and tenants.  We have been working very hard on a number of improvements and are excited to offer the features of our new site:

  • 100% mobile friendly interface
  • Full-screen slideshows of photos for all listings
  • online applications
  • login access to tenant and owner portals
  • accessible payment history and information on balances due
  • the ability to set up recurring eCheck payments free of charge
  • online maintenance requests complete with progress tracking
  • tenant portals that can store important documents such as a signed lease, lease renewal, etc.
  • and much more!

Please check this blog often as it will be a place for us to communicate with current and prospective tenants and owners. Here you will find useful posts on everything from announcements regarding improvements to our services to tips on saving money on utility bills. If you have any feedback or ideas for topics you would like to hear more about, let us know. We are happy to incorporate your suggestions in addition to our own ideas.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a safe and happy start to 2017!